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State Line Bags offers Economy Cotton Muslin Bags to fit your budget needs.

In an effort to provide options for our clients, State Line Bags is happy to offer our Economy Cotton Muslin bags. If you are looking for an affordable bag that still provides an amazing look with high-quality fabric and stitching, you have come to the right place.

Cotton Muslin Bag Quality & Sizes

Our Economy Cotton Muslin bags offer a lightweight yet durable 100% cotton option. They are natural in color with a red stitch along the top and a single gold drawstring. Available in two sizes, 4” x 6” and 5” x 7”, they are manufactured with no chemicals added during the process. They are hot washed, meaning they are “food safe” making them perfect for your food products. You can rest assured these bags will be durable enough to stand the test of time (80 GSM fabric weight) while saving on your budget. Don’t forget; we can custom print them to make them a unique keepsake as well.

The Uses For Cotton Muslin Bags Options Are Endless

When it comes to all the ways our bags can be used, you are only limited by your imagination. They make perfect classroom project bags. Little hands can paint them, fill them and bring them home to share. Teachers and parents can print them with “Thank You” and use them over and over for all occasions. With a holiday or birthday around every corner, a stash at home won’t go to waste. Teenagers love to receive them stuffed with cash (well, who wouldn’t). They are great for wedding or party favors, baked goods, parts and hardware (nails, bolts, and screws) storage, field samples, and filtration needs.

Is your town looking to start a “no more plastic bags” movement? Our economy bags not only provide a food safe option for grocery shopping, but they are reasonably priced to get them into the hands of as many people as possible. Printed with a town logo or a grocery store brand name makes them more sought after.

Custom printing these bags with your business logo works well for an annual meeting, a trade show, for holiday gifts or new hire packets. If you sell a product, consider packaging them in our economy bags to create an instant great first impression. After your client uses the product, the bag will remind them to reorder in the future. They make great travel or storage bags for your product as well. The best news is your clients can wash and reuse them as much as they like.

Budget Friendly Bags

Our Economy line of cotton bags can allow you to be creative while staying on budget. Teachers needing an affordable option when buying for their classrooms or wedding receptions on a tight budget can still create high-quality designs with our bags. They are also wonderful for companies that offer several quality levels of products. Packaging your higher priced products in our premium bags and your lower priced products in our economy bags will keep your prices lower and more accessible for the market segment you wish to target. These bags will still reflect a quality product your customers will immediately notice.

Call us today to learn more about what our bags can do for you. We are happy to assist with custom sizes and special requests. Don’t let budget hold you back!

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